NEW DATE! Speaker Series: Dr Art Hister, October 23

Please note that due to losses in the community, the first Speaker Series event has been rescheduled from tonight to October 23.

Join us at the Ullus Community Centre at Mt Currie for a free talk from Dr Art Hister: Yes You Can: Easy Steps to Living a Happier, Healthier, Longer Life.


Celebrity medic, Dr Art Hister, has been a full time “media doctor” since 1991. He’s currently the health analyst for Global TV News in BC, and you can follow him on twitter @globaltvdoc.

An award-winning physician, educator and media personality, Dr Hister will launch the Winds of Change’s Speaker Series with his award-winning presentation, Yes You Can: Simple Steps to Health, Wellness, and Longer, Happier Life.

Dr. Art Hister will use his trademark humorous style to inform you about how you can

  1. Increase your chances of living longer
  2. Lower your risk of developing those debilitating, chronic illnesses that most of us think are inevitable consequences of aging, but are not
  3. Slow your aging process
  4. Live with more energy and way more happiness, and
  5. Lower your stress levels and cope better with life’s inevitable hazards.


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