Shout Out: Class of 2013

To the grads of Pemberton Secondary School and the Xetolacw Community School, congratulations!


A few words of wisdom to launch you on the next chapter of your lives from, none other than, Oprah.

There is no such thing as failure.

“It doesn’t matter how far you might rise, you are bound to stumble. You will at some point fall and when you do, remember this: There is no such thing as failure. Failure is really life trying to move us in another direction…Learn from every mistake. They’re there to force you into being more who you are. If you’re willing to listen—to be guided by that still, small voice, to find out what makes you come alive—you will be more than okay. You will be happy, successful, and make a difference in the world.”

Always be kind.

“Do what you can with wherever you are in your life. Extend yourself in kindness to human beings wherever you can.”

Max out your humanity.


And don’t forget, as a wise being once said, we are all in the same canoe.

Enjoy your summer. Be safe. And Good luck!

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