Shout Out: Vancouver Coastal Health and Pqusnalhcw Health Centre

Big shout out to Vancouver Coastal Health and Pqusnalhcw Health Centre for hosting a cultural awareness event at Ullus in Mount Currie yesterday.


It was a really nice way for people to sit together, hear some Lil’wat stories, learn about traditional ways and language, hear the drums, and share a fabulous meal.


Many of the people who took part will have some professional association with Lil’wat .  The focus of the cultural awareness event, however, was not about professional norms, statistics, or therapeutic approaches.  It was a day of learning and sharing.  As Pqusnalhcw Health Centre Director Rachel Andrews said:  “I’m a paper person in my job.  I spend all day at my computer dealing with paper.  But today I’m reminded about who we are as Lil’wat and it brings tears to my eyes.  I am so happy to share this with everyone.”  I can only hope that VCH and Pqusnalhcw will do this again next year as there is so much value in learning through guided experience:  it counters racial stereotypes that inhibit our ability to understand and have empathy for our neighbors.


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