Event: Project of Heart workshop, April 30

“Many factors, including a history of discrimination, help explain aboriginal poverty across Canada. In terms of what can be done today, education should loom large. It should loom large, but it doesn’t.” March 19 2013, Vancouver Sun
On Tuesday, April 30, the Village of Pemberton Council and Winds of Change Steering Committee will take part in a workshop about residential schools, called Project of Heart.
Facilitated by Tanya Richman and Shannon Didier, the Project of Heart workshop looks at the policies behind the Residential School System in Canada, its development and impact.
The Project of Heart also invites the individual sessions to research one particular Residential School and finish the evening by decorating a small wooden tile to commemorate a child who died in that school. The tiles get sent to a central location and will eventually end up on display at the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg.
If you would like more information on the Project of Heart, please go to www.projectofheart.ca.
Says Winds of Change Steering Committee Chair, Sheldon Tetreault: “This is an excellent initiative.  It is a great idea that creates more understanding and the potential for a truer more lasting reconciliation.”

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