Recipe of the Week: One Pot Winter Warmer Green Soup

A one pot winter warmer recipe from Winds of Change contributor, Dawn Johnson.

When I am running 20 steps behind and am tempted to just grab a pizza from the grocery store, this soup is my saviour! Easy, nutritious, quick AND very tasty!

In a big soup pot, bring about 6 cups of chicken/veggie stock to a bowl ( I use Better than Bouillon).

One Pot Winter Warmer Green Soup


– about 2-4 TPSP of soya sauce or tamari to taste (more if you like it salty!)
– 2-3 tsp of sesame oil

When nearing a boil, add 3-4 Tbsp of Miso paste and whisk through. Adjust the taste of the broth to your liking.

-Add two packs of udon noodles or other noodles you like (soba?), a package of diced tofu, and heaps of veggies of choice. (I like to use bok choy, broccoli, mushrooms, bean sprouts, cabbage, peppers, kale, spinach, snap peas. Basically whatever looks good and you have on hand). Cook until the udon is separated and the veggies are slightly soft. It is also great with fish such as halibut, chicken or pork – just make sure you add it well before the veggies so it has time to cook through.

Top with chopped cilantro and spring onion – watch your kids gobble it up, and Enjoy!

Winds of Change Green Soup

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