Cold Frame Love: How to Garden even in the Winter

Guest post by Dawn Johnson, from the Stewardship Pemberton Society.

Well, that didn’t take long! I am ALREADY scheming out next year’s crops. With the end of the garden season I always feel sort of a sense of relief that I can stop obsessing over my plants, and start obsessing over inside stuff. However, now I find myself pouring over my West Coast Seeds magazine and it is only November. All because of my *NEW* beautiful cold frames crafted by my husband out of timber scraps and our shower doors that I detested!

I have to say that they were completed quite late in the season – maybe the end of September? So, I feel the seeds I did sow would have fared better if planted a bit earlier on. However, the two boxes have provided us with baby arugula, spinach, bok choy and leaf lettuce for the last couple of months. Some of these were transplants from my existing garden beds- left overs from seeds sown in late summer, and some were sown directly into the soil.

But growing winter greens is only one amazing feature of these 100% recycled material gems! If I had only been on it a bit earlier, I could be enjoying late season radishes and kale all the way through the season. In the spring, I plan to start lots of my transplants in the frames, and then grow my heat loving plants like peppers and melons here, perhaps giving eggplant a try, too. Then cycle back to cold hardy winter greens.

For those of us who can’t quite commit to the full on greenhouse, the garden cold frame is a wonderful compromise. To see how I “lasagna’d” the soil to create some nice warm heat in the winter months, visit the Stewardship Pemberton Society website, here…..

Happy Dreaming! Dawn Johnson – Stewardship Pemberton Society.

Currently expanding her knowledge in the ever increasing field of opportunities found in her own back yard. And, did you know that in Pemberton we can grow amazing celery? I didn’t either! Plant, water, and it just grows and grows. Bon Appetite!

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