Shout out to Dave Lee and caring adults in Mt.Currie!

The Tsi’pun Corner Store and Lil’wat Gas are no longer selling energy drinks to youth under the age of 19.

Energy drinks contain high amounts of sugar and caffeine which interfere with learning. The level of caffeine in these drinks affects behaviour both during and after the buzz. During, our students are jittery and hyper, after they have headaches and low energy. Other ways to increase your students’ energy – help them get a good night’s sleep!!

Children and teenagers do not always understand ‘long term effects’ and ‘health consequences’. It is our job as adults and role models to show our youth and children to take care of their bodies and minds.

Thank you Mr.Lee for helping us help the youth make better choices.

Anti energy drink rant from local mom and athlete, Christine Cogger.

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