Shout out to … Pemberton

I drove into Pemberton last Friday night with my daughter, on our way to The Legion for a successful fundraiser for ski racer Charley Field.

As we passed the Community Centre, the lights were on and the Great Hall was full for the Bingo fundraiser for Pemberton Youth Soccer Association. The next day we spent the entire day at Pemberton’s First MultiCultural day – what an amazing and fun time that was.

Photo by Yuko Thibeault — at Pemberton Community Centre.

This week’s discussions around our house have been about conflicting Christmas parties, conferences, tournaments – The Ladies Night Out, MADE and more! Then there’s the St.David’s Bazaar, Crafty by Nature, closet clean out, poinsettia sales, wreath sales – let’s build a playground excitement.

There’s the “Community of Peace” designation with all the inspiring banners drawn by adults and kids hanging in the library. The interact club at PSS, Rotary, Lions, and Junior World Changer kids who are meeting and acting because they know they can change the world. I think about half the kids in Pemberton are collecting pennies for life – to ensure people get fresh water supplies no matter where they live.

I know that over the next couple of days people will say “but what about this group or that group”… I know I’ve missed a bunch so please, please add them in the comments section – let’s acknowledge all the game changers here in our little town.

All this to say – “Nicely done, people of Pemberton.”

You truly are inspiring.

2 thoughts on “Shout out to … Pemberton

  1. trichman says:

    Jeff Clark and Annika Snow who worked so hard to get the skatepark in Pemberton, Anne Robson who continues to volunteer her time so that youth at PSS can play sports, Lindsay May and her burpee challenge for the food bank, volunteer coaches without whom our kids’ school sports wouldn’t run … those are the ones I thought of while I was driving yesterday:)

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