Be Prepared for any Emergency or Disaster!


On October 18, 2012 at 10:18 AM, thousands of British Columbians participated in “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” in The Great British Columbia ShakeOut, the largest earthquake drill in BC history! All British Columbians were encouraged to participate in the drill.

British Columbia is located in a seismically active region where a few thousand earthquakes occur each year in and adjacent to the province. The threat of a major earthquake in the province is real and all British Columbians must know how to be prepared.

The annual ShakeOut drill is our chance to practice how to protect ourselves, and for everyone to become
prepared. The goal is to prevent disasters from becoming catastrophes.

More ‘routine’ events such as wind and snow storms, power outages, transportation disruptions and boil
water orders are far more likely to affect our region. Taking a few simple steps to prepare can
significantly reduce risk and lessen the impact of any emergency. To get started:


  • Organize an emergency supply kit at home and at work, including a 3-day supply of food and water, essential medications, flashlights, and battery-operated radio. Store the kit in a portable container in an accessible location, in case you need to evacuate your home.
  • Designate an emergency out-of-area contact. In the event local communications lines are damaged, it may still be possible to call a friend or family member who lives outside the earthquake zone. Everyone in the family can call the out-of-area contact to check in and let them know they are okay.
  • Conduct a home hazard hunt to mitigate avoidable risks at home and at work.

For more information check out the following links: or


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