Seasonal Observations: Rain

This sunny weather outside is kinda making me tired!

Recently I have noticed that many people I come into contact with are feeling tired. Bone tired. Or as my kids would say bone-dog-tired (I don’t know where that comes from). I look outside and listen to the news about the wonderful-awesome-great weather we’re having and I wonder… where is my energy?

At the beginning of September I was at a meeting, a Winds of Change meeting actually, and we were asked to say a word or comment about September. My comment was something along the lines of being happy when it was over. Many people see September as a new year – like Rosh Hashanah, making more sense than a January 1st beginning.

I agree, but I also find September incredibly tiring.  It’s busy. Busy with school starting, registrations for kids, registrations for adults, new projects, soccer, hockey, cleaning up the yard, putting away the summer stuff, last minute gardening, harvesting, canning, preparing for the long winter and enjoying the last of the sunshine because September is truly the most beautiful month in B.C.

September for me is a whirlwind of all this plus birthdays and anniversaries. I am happy when October comes and I can see that I’ve survived September! Time for some downtime, a fire, a belly full of harvest food and a good book.

Yesterday, it was still sunny! I’m still spending my days after work and weekends in the garden, tackling projects that may have made it to the ‘when the rain stops’ list for the spring in a normal year. The weather is enabling us to keep on going at September pace. Maybe this is why we’re so tired. There has not yet been any rain to force us inside, to light the fire and cozy up.

When I heard on the radio this morning that there is rain forecast for the weekend I thought about freezing in Whistler at soccer games on Saturday and at the same time I was washed in a feeling of relief.

Can I slow down now, Mother Nature? Because I have a really good book I’d like to read.

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