Shout Out: Paul Vacirca and the Pemberton Valley Hardware

A big thank-you to Pemberton Valley Hardware!

We here at the Mount Currie Health Centre, and in particular the Maternal-Child Health Program, would like to extend a wholehearted kukwstum kacw — thank you — to the wonderful people at Pemberton Valley Hardware.

Pemberton Valley Hardware has donated funds and supplies to the Mount Currie community for years, in an effort to make the lives of children happier and healthier.

With the generous support of local businesses and families like Pemberton Valley Hardware, we can encourage and foster healthy living for young families in Mount Currie, and empower people to take control of their health in often challenging circumstances.

Pemberton Valley Hardware cares for the health and wellbeing of children in particular, and as Paul at Pemberton Valley says, “It is all about the community — it is why we live here, and we are all in this together.”

Again, thank you to Pemberton Valley Hardware and all the other generous community members and businesses who support the Lil’wat children!

Laura Ogden, Community/Maternal-Child Program Health Nurse,

Sheila Bikadi, Maternal-Child Health Coordinator

Sharon Edmonds, Community Home Visitor for MCH Program

Rachel Andrew-Nelson, Health Director



If there’s someone in the community you want to recognise or thank, why not nominate them for a Winds of Change Wellness Recognition Award? Download a form, or use this easy online nomination form.

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