Freedom of choiceis ours and ours alone. It is and is notwithout consequence. But we own that with every space we enter&always always remember this is ourliving breathing story that will betold and retold without bias. Because we stoodwith the courageof our convictions. @loisfay


She needed storiesas much as the pagesof a book needed her. To escape. In a quiet cornershe read cover to coverloving & hating characters. To connect. Yes, sure she tried different scenarios onwhen storylines lingered. Long after the last page. Kúkwstum̓ckacw / Thank you for reading.


An introspective mindcan and will strategizethe hell out of the directYes or No question. And yet, dive in withan unwavering beliefwhen it comes todeclarations offorever and always. Because it knows. "How long is forever" ?Can be answered with  "Sometimes, just one second". Credit to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland in the last verse.


This cardboard boxis filled with very important people from our childhood. It houses the voices and magic of make believe worlds found in bedtime stories we heard night after night. From Tom Sawyer the mischievous hooky playing; wanna be pirate. To Huckleberry Finn's vagabond, heroes state of a carefree existence. And Peter Pan's devil-may-care infinite … Continue reading MOVING DAY

Barn Memories

Dad’s head was nestled in close to Bossy’s flank as he sat at his milking stool, listing slightly because Bossy had kicked the legs off at one time and they’d been hastily replaced. I listened to the soft squelching of the milk as it hit the pail and its sweet smell and the heat of … Continue reading Barn Memories