The root cause is colonialism and the problem is it’s hard and we’re not very well practiced at doing hard things so we need to learn radical tenderness and stay with the trouble

Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures is is an international arts/research collective that roots a portion of its work on unceded Musqueam land (where the University of British Columbia is located).

Advaya is this groovy two-sister powered outfit from the UK that is offering incredible online courses that keep me on the verge of quitting work for ever, signing up and entirely reprogramming myself.

This, I think, could be the curriculum we all need.

At essence it is about expanding our capacity.

I spent most of the pandemic orienting around the idea of “resourcing” – how do we resource ourselves for uncertain times, what do I need to increase in myself, what does it look like to be well enough resourced to be a good support for others?

This feels like the next chapter: now, how do we expand our capacity to sit with what’s difficult.

It might be at the heart of doing any kind of community building, or confronting all the structural bullshit that is packaged under a series of -isms – racism, sexism, hyper capitalism – and their ilk – white supremacy, colonization, and even techno-futurism (“AI will save us.” I scoff.)

In these times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, what can we do? How do we really build our personal capacities to weather storms, to stay with the trouble, to stay with the struggle?

If you want to learn to expand your capacity, for this lifelong and life wide journey, towards decolonial futures, take a peek at this course.

Sensing Harm by Design: A six-week online course to expand your capacity to navigate increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. 

🌍 Facilitated by Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures. 
🌍 26 June to 31 July. Weekly live sessions on Mondays, 5–7pm UK.

Decolonisation is not something we can just talk about. We cannot think our way through these crises. 

What is required of us is relational work: processing discomfort and emotions and mending relationships that have been broken, centring reciprocity and accountability. Part of the real transformative work required is within ourselves and with each other.

This is a six-week course designed to support you to activate dispositions that can expand your capacity to navigate increasing these times and to hold space for what is difficult and painful without feeling overwhelmed, immobilised or demanding quick fixes or rescue from discomfort.

This course tries to centre the harm we have inflicted on each other and on the planet—by design, albeit often unintentionally. 

We are trying to develop the stamina and the stomach to face the good, the bad, the ugly and the fucked up of humanity (within and around us) without turning away, throwing up, or throwing a tantrum. 

This is necessary, if we want to stay with the trouble, to learn how to build different relationships and to build relationships differently, and to weather current and coming storms together without relationships falling apart. 

Register at 🌀


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