Journalling as a practice of self-care: free workshop at Library, Thursday Jan 12

I’m leading a workshop on Thursday, January 12, at the Pemberton and District Public Library, on using journalling as a practice of self-care.

Would love to have you come and play, in this 60 minute exploration on journaling as a basic wellness tool.

In the workshop, we’ll explore different ways to approach the blank page that blow beyond the convention of “dear Diary”, and are designed to generate insight, compassion, playfulness (and added bonus!) unconditional positive self-regard.

Guided prompts may, or may not, take New Year intention setting into consideration.

Everyone is welcome. Not just for writerly types. This workshop is intended for ages 14+

Free journal and fancy pen to activate your superpowers.

Registration is required! Register here:…/journaling-for-self-care…/

This program is presented by the Pemberton & District Public Library and the Whistler Pemberton Literacy Partnership.

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