Signs versus conversations: Village of Pemberton council candidate opts for the latter, hosts coffee morning at Stay Wild, Wednesday Sept 21, 9:30 – 11

How do you know who to put your vote behind, when it comes to an election?

Does seeing someone’s name in bold letters on a plastic sign pounded into the ground help?

It is kind of a strange practice.

And it’s got an ecological footprint that Katrina Nightingale questions.

When she decided to run for Village of Pemberton Council, she knew that she wanted to be true to her values, and not adding unnecessary plastic garbage to the world is one of those values. So she had to come up with other ways to “get her name out there.”

And so, on Wednesday, September 21, from 9:30 am – 11:00 am, Nightingale will be at Stay Wild for a coffee morning and chat. You can meet the person behind the (enviably poetic) name, and find out what propelled her, as a busy special ed teacher/tutor and mom, to offer her energy to her community.

Katrina Nightingale sharing at the Active Hope Climate Squad circle in the summer of 2022.

5 thoughts on “Signs versus conversations: Village of Pemberton council candidate opts for the latter, hosts coffee morning at Stay Wild, Wednesday Sept 21, 9:30 – 11

  1. Bev Blundell says:

    Since I have been old enough to vote this was the first time I have ever had someone running for office come to my home sit down and talk to me. This meant alot to me but I was able to see this young lady is a remarkable woman. I just hope if she is elected that politics wont do her in Bev Blundell

    • The Wellness Almanac says:

      Thank you for sharing, Bev. I am a person who tends to do my community-ing from behind a desk, writing, posting, emailing, sharing etc… and I have been so deeply inspired by Katrina’s approach to connecting with community, and the way she really centres one-on-one conversation. (I don’t know that I want to say it’s more real, because that would imply that more than half of what I do isn’t real (LOL), but it strikes me as being deeply resonant. I can feel it shifting my priorities about the way I spend my time. From an obsession with being productive towards being more present with people.) Imagine what a world we could dream up from sitting down at each other’s kitchen tables? ~ Lisa

      • Bev Blundell says:

        Well I will say it again I was very impressed with that young lady. I spent some of my young years fighting for causes and am glad I did but dealing with politicians and beuracracy can Make one cinical. Tell our lady for me that she will need a punching back and a rock to kick then a quiet area where she can go and screem bloody murder in frustration Bev

      • Bev Blundell says:

        Rock to kick and a quiet place when she can go and scream in frustration. And it is good she has good friends around her. Bev Blundell

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