Quick, dig out the sunscreen, we’ve got a heatwave for the weekend

So, I’ve still been wearing my fleecy pants all through June, but Environment Canada has advised I can kick those into the laundry basket this weekend, as summer lands with a heat blast.

It actually comes with a warning… because, of course, it’s 2022, and everything seems to come with a caveat these days… to go slow and steadily, even if you’re jonesing to squeeze a month worth of lost summer fun into this weekend.

Slow and steady.

via the SLRD today, @environmentca has issued a heat wave warning for Jun 24-28. Temps in the low 30’s are forecast with overnight lows in the mid-teens. With freezing levels rising -expect snowmelt & snowpack instability with increased stream flows due to run-off. EC Alert: https://bit.ly/3Odi46B

This is the first hot stretch of the summer for the south coast.

Timespan: Friday through Tuesday.

Locations: Lower Mainland and Sea to Sky.

Hazards: Daytime highs rising into the low 30’s with overnight lows down to the mid-teens.

The south coast will experience a stretch of warmer than average temperatures beginning tomorrow. On Friday, inland temperatures will reach into the upper 20’s. Through the weekend and into early next week, temperatures in the low 30’s are forecast. There will be some respite from the elevated daytime temperatures as overnight lows fall into the mid-teens.

With elevated temperatures, the risk of heat related illnesses increase.

Freezing levels rise throughout this event and will lead to an increase in snowmelt and snowpack instability. Increased stream flows due to run-off are possible.

Although heat is expected, bodies of water still remain cool for this time of year and may pose a risk of hypothermia with prolonged exposure.

Please refer to the British Columbia River Forecast Centre and Avalanche Canada for local messaging:



Temperatures are expected to return to near-normal values by the middle of next week as a cooler, unsettled airmass pushes onshore.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to BCstorm@ec.gc.ca or tweet reports using #BCStorm.

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