This is Troy. Troy would be happy to go for a run with you. Troy is our guestagrammer this week. Say hi to Troy.

I am grateful and happy to introduce the Wellness Almanac community to Troy Knecht who is running our instagram account this week over at

I’m grateful because, over the years that we’ve invited people to take the reins of the account and share with us for a week, I’ve met community members who consistently made me feel incredibly lucky to live here. I’ve learned how much wisdom arises out of other people’s lived experiences, especially when they try and turn that into something that helps people around them, in some small gentle way. I’ve learned something the algorithm has cottoned on to, that people’s faces are beautiful and that learning about each other really satisfies some heart-longing on me. And it reminds me that community and culture really are our best defence, or response, to precarity.

Troy has lived in Pemberton for roughly six years and recently shared some of this passion with us, after completing his 24 hour Move Through Your Darkness run for mental health.

He’s also started a drop-in, all-dudes-are-welcome Run and Ride Club, after realizing how much outdoor activity helped his own mental health. There’s so much stigma around mental health, for everyone, but especially for men, that many suffer in silence, so Knecht wanted to create space for men to be together in a supportive environment where it’s okay to be vulnerable, to share, to support. And to sweat.

You just have to show up.

Follow his takeover over at, drop a note or a like to say g’day and show your appreciation, and stay in touch with Troy beyond this week, at and

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