Ranch behind beloved local restaurant, Mile One, featured in new video series

While the cowboys and gals are heading home after a successful Rodeo weekend (congrats Lil’wat! especially after two years of not having a rodeo! what an accomplishment!), we’re not quite ready to leave cowboy culture behind us.

The BC Farmers’ Market Trail is a showcase of more than 145 BC Farmers’ Market members, showcasing those being the local food and artisan goods that BC generates.

Featured recently is Pemby’s own Mile One Eating House proprietor, in a story that follows Chef Randy Jones and Juri and Irinel Agapow from their home along the Chilcotin River – the Hanceville Cattle Company. Even when a wildfire threatened their livelihood in the first year of operation, the trio have sustained old world ranching practices while raising ethical standards in modern animal husbandry.

Mile One Eating House was a long-time supporter of Slow Food Cycle Sunday – so if you’re in the mood to celebrate that salt of the earth vibe that local farmers give off, check out the Slow Food Cycle video series that Tourism Pemberton produced last year, as a way to showcase what we couldn’t experience.

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