Start with gratitude – a week of surfacing inspiration from wise people

I am feeling the divisiveness and fragmentation of the world in a big way right now, like, my centre isn’t centred enough to stay steady and consider all the possibilities… So, I thought to offer some pieces of inspiration over the next few days, that might stitch together to form a kind of wisdom quilt. Short bites. Not hard work. Anything to get us from Friday the 13th to a supermoon lunar eclipse and into the week. 🙂

This, from my friend Monica, and co-facilitator of our Active Hope Climate Squad that the Wellness Almanac is co-hosting:

Facing multiple compounding crises, it is clear to me that we need to transition from an Industrial Growth Society to a Life Sustaining Society. (Think a society of trees ;).

Practicing gratitude is one of the foundations of this transition. 

Reminding ourselves daily of what we love and what we are thankful for is a simple yet subversive act. 

Gratitude decouples our contentment from future states of being, short-circuiting the drive to consume. We can rest in the ‘enough-ness’ of each moment, of ourselves, a reprieve from the thought treadmill that we just need to reach some future threshold for happiness to be available.

Deceptively simple but a radical act of defiance to a system that perpetuates inadequacy to lock us into cycles of consumption.

What if you were to live the rest of your life with what you had now, what might come to light as precious? 

Personally, I find myself getting caught in the ‘wellness’ patterns of consumption, attend this class, purchase this supplement and health and wellbeing will be mine. I forget that I am healthy and well in this moment, that I have fresh air to breath and clean water to drink. For that I am grateful.

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If you reset, for a moment, to ground the nervous system into gratitude, what might you sink into? What might hold you? What comes to mind when you are prompted to continue on from the sentence starter: “I love”…

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