Pemberton Arts Council’s AGM is a good place to listen to some live music, and learn about murals and lake clean-ups and more: Thursday April 28, 6:30 – 9

Art might never have been more relevant than it is at this moment in time. That’s what I’m thinking these days, as I look for remedies for my rage, for alternatives to the story we’re living, for better imaginations to guide us through.

So. The Pemberton Arts Council’s AGM might be just the ticket you need to book for yourself.

Discover the creative energies living and lurking in the community these days.

The organization is up to a ton of groovy things, from commissioning murals, to supporting lake clean-ups, to art hops.

Town Square will host the AGM, doors open at 6:30pm. The business end of things runs from 7:15 – 8, with live music from Hallowed Bones, and complimentary apples, to sweeten the deal. Linger and socialize until 9pm, and get inspired to live more colourfully.

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