Wanna go to a fancy awards gala, to celebrate a local entrepreneur, and champion for reconciliation, AND have the option to wear PJs AND go to bed early? 6pm April 28, join us!

I don’t really think of Tanina Williams as a business-woman. I think of her as a change-maker. But I guess, seeing a need in the world, identifying the skills you have to meet that need, and trying to sustain yourself and support your community in doing so, is really the essence of what entrepreneurs and small business people do.

You may have seen the great write-up in the Pique about Tanina being a Top 5 finalist for the Small Business BC Awards.

Well, you are invited to the Gala Award Ceremony.

Technically, I don’t think they’re calling it a Gala. The Small Business BC Impact Award will be via Zoom. There will be a scavenger hunt with prizes for all the attendees. And tickets are free. https://sbbc.co/tickets

Thursday, April 28, 6pm – 7:15pm.

Knowing that Tanina had to do some filming after she was nominated, I suspect the Award presentation will give us a chance to see something more interesting than a bunch of speeches…

And I want to hear more from a woman who says that her ultimate mission is to continue the conversation about truth and reconciliation, “To talk about what it means to have equity and equality in our country; to break down barriers of unconscious and conscious biases. Those things are very important to me. We also need to show ourselves love, and we need to say, ‘OK, [I] made a mistake.’ Now if you need to apologize, go do that. Do the work; build those relationships up again, whatever that might look like, and be willing to forgive when other people make mistakes … we’re really at the beginning stages of truth and reconciliation. I would say we’re in truth; but in moving towards truth, there’s also appreciation. Appreciation is nice, but how do we dig deeper? I have this huge, big dream to really move that forward and really get into the meat of it, but that means more work needs to be done.”

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