Spring forward – daylight savings starts this Sunday, March 13, at 2am

I knew a woman who always scheduled her annual mammogram for her birthday, so she’d remember it. I admired this commitment to her health, while also thinking it was a pretty sad way to spend a birthday. Still, this idea of piggybacking a chore to a recurring date is smart.

One of this piggyback ideas is to replace the batteries on your smoke alarms when the clocks change.

So, there’s that.

I kind of resent daylight savings and the manipulation of hours… I personally like the brightening of the morning. As a non-morning person, it makes getting up for breakfast, school buses or swimming laps a little easier when day has actually broken.

But, perhaps instead of foot stomping and protesting, I can just yield to the inevitable, and work out what I can piggyback onto this recurring day, to make it something I look forward to. (Not a mammogram or a battery-swap-out, as laudable as both of those are… but some kind of ritual greeting, or reward to self for surviving the winter, or acknowledgement of the light… )

Inspiration hasn’t struck yet…. but I’m developing a hypothesis that when we ask a question, we actually turn ourselves into a magnet for interesting answers to that question… so the simple act of pondering and posing this inquiry, will bring ideas or suggestions my way. (I’ll keep you posted.)

And all that rambling aside, here is your bi-annual public service reminder to change the clocks on Sunday night before you hit the pillow, so you can stay in sync with the rest of us.


3 thoughts on “Spring forward – daylight savings starts this Sunday, March 13, at 2am

  1. loisfay says:

    This Sunday I will start the SPRING cleaning process. To most that isn’t glamorous by any means. But to me – it is soul and energy cleansing. Winter gear gets packed away. And the bright beautiful spring and summer clothes come out to play. Gardening plans are made. And the entire house is washed, dusted, organized. Anything that is not being used. Goes to Salvation Army or The Transfer Station to be recycled. Mind you, this doesn’t magically happen all in one day. Ha!

    • Lisa Richardson says:

      Oh wow, this is a beautiful habit to bundle into daylight savings and the spring shift… Yes! Thanks for making this connection for me… I like that you use the word “process” instead of “task” or “chore”… and connecting it with the seasonal energy feels really good. Although a little magic wand for a few aspects would be welcome.

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