Stewardship Pemberton starts a community conversation about our climate concerns, via Zoom Thursday 24 Feb 7pm

Since building the One Mile Lake Nature Centre, Stewardship Pemberton set its focus squarely on environmental education programs and feasting for change initiatives, including the community gardens, fruit tree project, and crabapple jelly offering.

Now that these programs are established, (and a new Executive Director has been hired, congratulations to Sierra Aston, and a new instagram account has been created (follow them @One_Mile_Lake_NatureCenter), a new focus is looming large.

“We want to start to talk about how we might use the Stewardship Pemberton foundation to support community action on climate change,” writes the organization.

“One thing we have been noticing is that people want to talk about climate change: what it means for them, actions they want to implement or just share their discomfort with ‘business-as-usual’. We wanted to provide an opportunity to chat. So please join us for an evening at the library. We will do a short presentation on some ideas that have been meaningful for us, and then we want to hear from you.”

The night will start with a short, 10-minute presentation on some of the influential ideas for Stewardship Pemberton and then it will open up to participants.

The goal of the evening is to host a community check-in. This first session will be followed up with additional evenings focusing more specifically on actions with invited experts.

All community members of the watershed, including youth, are welcome to share your thoughts!

This event will be held on Zoom. Registration for this event is required.
Register here:…/community-pregame-huddle-on..

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