Life is easier if you plan ahead, so take note of the Library’s holiday hours to be sure you’re never caught without something good to read

Let it be known, I am not preaching this from a high pulpit – more from the back foot or the back seat as a chronically last minute, fly by the seat of my pants, type.

Life is easier if you plan ahead.

Packing the ski bag, the swimming kit, or the laying out the next day’s outfit and pre-grinding the coffee, has, in my recent experience, had a remarkable effect on the smoothness of the morning.

Having an emergency kit in the car (supplied with snacks! Yes!) has made me feel a little better about a possible road closure (“who wants a picnic?!”).

And having a pile of books to get through the holidays is pretty much all I need to survive a Snowpocalypse.

So, take note of the Pemberton and District Public Library’s Holiday Hours, and make a plan to stop by in the next two weeks to supply yourself with quality reading or watching or game-playing material. You can even borrow a puzzle!

For more news straight from the library, about upcoming events, the newest books and DVDs, and services you can access there, sign up for their newsletter. (And please note, while masks are required, it’s not necessary to show a vaccine passport to access the library.)

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