’tis the season for little rituals

This offering, via little rituals, in a beautiful way of exploring the season we’re in, this shoulder season, this counting down to halloween season.

Autumn is really a season of two hands: one to hold the exquisite colours, ripened harvest, the memory of summer heat + the other to gather the press of darkness, pull it close, cradle loss gently in its palm.

What measures of light and darkness do you carry at this time of year?

A few simple practices that we use to keep our inner lanterns lit as the light begins to wane:

+ tea as a daily ritual for warmth and contemplation
+ baking/cooking for restoring health and joy and sweetness
(share it with others whenever you can!)
+ reading poetry for soul company
+ body oiling for self-soothing and nervous system support
+ sitting with firelight for ancient memory + connection + warmth
+ brisk walks for movement and pleasure and health

Little Rituals

via https://mailchi.mp/9648e9e35663/seasonal-care-meghans-poetry-book?e=bf233a7d4b

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