Lil̓wat Farm gets a traditional name!

The Lil̓wat Farm is an amazing food sovereignty project underway in Mount Currie, and it goes into its growing season with a traditional name. In a reminder that gardening has a down-to-earth side, the four hectare Farm has been named Qwal̓ímak Nlep̓cálten, meaning “Mosquito Garden”.

You can follow their updates at

The Farm was featured in the Pique last summer.

Qwal̓ímak Nlep̓cálten (Mosquito Garden) is a market garden aimed at providing food security, providing training and education around growing and preserving food. They grow an array of vegetables using organic and sustainable agricultural practices and provide harvest boxes for community members.

They’ve already planted out hundreds of onions… i think I might need a lesson.

Click over to the First Voices site to hear how to say Qwal̓ímak – mosquito!



Now you know why the Birkenhead Conservancy got its indigenous name… and what the name Qwalimakatkwa is telling you about the Birkenhead River.

As all the farmers in my family have taught me, the key to growing food is having a sense of humour. Congratulations Qwal̓ímak Nlep̓cálten, and good growing!

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