Work on the new Pemberton Transfer Station is underway

The Pemberton Transfer Station is on the move!

Preparation of the site began April 19th and will continue for several months while the site’s ground settles and compacts.

Local company, Lizzie Bay Logging Ltd., has been awarded the contract for the design build project.

The $1.8M project (not including purchase of the land or financing fees) is expected to take place over several months, with the new facility opening in early 2022.

In the meantime, the existing site will continue to operate and there will be no disruption of services at the existing facility.

The Pemberton Transfer Station provides disposal for household waste, construction and demolition waste, recycling and beverage containers, food waste, rubber tires, large appliances with and without freon, bulk metal, household hazardous waste and a free store (temporarily closed).

Here is a sneak peek at the new site’s draft layout!

The layout at the new location was designed with traffic and convenience in mind. The drop off process will have an organic and logical flow. Pun intended!

More details at

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