Our Community, Our Water, video from Lil’wat Health and Healing

On Saturday, we shared a post from Veronica Woodruff on behalf of the Pemberton Wildlife Association, introducing us to the species of salmon that inhabit the Lillooet River Watershed. And earlier, we shared a music video from British artist Cosmo Sheldrake, in which he played music he’d composed, using recordings of endangered birds, back to those places and birds… it made me wonder, what if we used our voices to sing the salmon home when they return.

This beautiful video just released from Lil’wat Health and Healing reminded me: oh, that’s been happening since time immemorial. The fish have been welcomed home, the water has been sung to, by the people of the land, the people who have been stewarding this land.

The video is beautiful – take the 10 minutes to enjoy it. It’s a beautiful celebration of community and of relations with the waterways and fish, and, essentially, of water.

It was produced with support from Calling Mountains Productions and the First Nations Health Authority, and was the COVID-19-safe way for Lil’wat Health & Healing to hold a community celebration, in lieu of gathering in person.

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