Take a story walk, one page at a time

One of my favourite phrases right now is “Small steps, often.”

But whether you’re a steady-stepper, a sprinter, or a stroller pusher, you can enjoy The Story Walk, an offering from the Whistler Pemberton Literacy Partnership, over the coming week, during your next One Mile Lake stroll.

Starting Saturday, 13 February, the Family Day long weekend, the picture book The Good Egg will install itself along the trail from the One Mile Lake Nature Centre to the Dog Beach.

Starting family day weekend, bring your children out to enjoy a walk and a read between the Nature Centre and dog beach at One mile Lake and enjoy The Good Egg written by Jory John and illustrator Pete Oswald.
A sweet story about an egg that learns the importance of self-care. Scan the QR Code, and enter a chance to win a copy of the book

The Whistler Pemberton Literacy Partnership is a local literacy table made up of a variety of community partners who work together to foster a learning culture. With funding from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Decod. Stay tuned to their adventures via https://www.facebook.com/whistlerpembertonliteracypartnership

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