Zoom into a free vision board workshop via the Library, Monday 25 January, 7 – 9:30pm

When I first made a vision-board, it was like wrestling with an alligator. (I have not actually done that, although once I had to improvise it on a stage, which pretty much scared me off theatre-sports for life.) From the outside, I might have just looked like a woman serenely sitting at a table, flicking through magazines, occasionally ripping out a page… but inside, I was all turmoil. I. Just. Couldn’t. Understand. How. This. Was. Supposed. To. Work.

This is the trouble with being a (reformed) over-achiever. Play is a hard state of mind to cultivate.

It took attending THREE vision board workshops (COUNT THEM) for me to finally loosen up and ditch the inner drama. To experience this process as simple fun. As a release. As exploration. As relaxation. As play.

After I made my vision board for this year, at the waning end of the Christmas holidays, I was so proud of myself for having finally been able to just enjoy the process that I texted Melissa Darou, who had first introduced me to the practice, in the first workshop I wrestled my way through (and who had more recently gifted me an awesome glue stick and some old magazines). I wanted to share with her that I had finally experienced this as pure play… not a hustle, not a self-improvement project, not work.

I share this because you, too, can get hooked on this (kinda addictive) outlet… thanks to a free ZOOM vision board workshop being offered at the Pemberton and District Public Library on Monday night, from 7 – 9:30pm.

Facilitated by Jill Dawson, and presented by the Whistler Pemberton Literacy Partnership, the workshop is a chance to take over your dining room table, and with good virtual company, use your ideas, thoughts, dreams, and wishes to create a vision board.

Added bonus, you can do it in your pyjamas. Or in a ball gown. Or a leotard. Whatever makes you happiest. Whatever makes you feel most curious and playful.

Have fun, be creative, and claim what you want for yourself with images, words, and colour. Embrace possibility with a personal, visual reminder of your goals. Using collage, you simply see, cut, and arrange. Laugh, unwind, and have fun as you step into some ‘me’ time. There are no rules to follow and you don’t have to know what to put on your vision board ahead of time – unless you want to!

No art experience is needed to create an inspiring vision board.

This workshop is intended for adults.

For those who need poster board and magazines to construct their vision board, there will be supplies available at the library prior to the workshop. Participants will need to have their own scissors and glue or tape and we encourage you to gather words and images leading up to the workshop!

Registration is required for this workshop.

Register here:https://us02web.zoom.us/…/tZMsd…

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the workshop.

About the facilitator:
Jill Dawson Nowack is an Expressive Arts Practitioner. Her love of the arts – movement, theatre, music, painting, poetry and narrative – combined with her love of creative learning give her workshops a sense of freedom and enjoyment that is both playful and insightful.

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