What does a wake up call sound like?

“There’s a romantic idea, at least in my mind, if you play the sounds of endangered species, hopefully it will encourage them to come back.”


I’m a fan of this “wake up call”, instead of the alarm… Even confronting growing urgency, can we sing each other awake, instead of screaming? Can we tune in to what we need to hear?

This makes me think of this short piece that I watched, about researchers who have taken advantage of the lull in ocean traffic (COVID-19 cancelled this summer’s cruise ships) to listen to whales.

“We’ve known for a very long time that the ocean is noisy, and we’ve known that the whales suffer because of the noise. But we’ve never been able to prove it and now I believe we will.”

(Of course, after watching Nicola Jones’ TED talk about ocean noise pollution, I now click on every single article covering this topic, that crosses my feed.)

Hydrophones have been upgraded so that researchers can listen to, and understand whales better.

Click this link to the wonderful Hakai Magazine, to watch the 6 minute video: WHALES. It’s pretty riveting.

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