What brush will you reach for? New exhibit of Sea to Sky artists inspires us to Think-It-Over

The Whistler Arts Council asked Sea to Sky creatives: “2020 has been quite the year, and it’s not over yet! What inspires you to evolve and move forward?”

From the responses, 6 key words were pulled out and offered as the palette for a new exhibit of works.

Patience. Resilience. Justice. Intimacy. Humility. Learning.

Using their preferred artistic methods and mediums, this group of local artists reflect on the universal experience and what these six words mean to them personally.

Think-It-Over showcases the work of four feature artists, Kylie T Millar, Jessica Soparlo, Catherine Mitchell Roy, and Alli van Gruen, with contributions from many other local creatives in the Sea to Sky corridor, and will hang at the Maury Young Arts Centre in Whistler, October 29 – December 13. Open Thursday to Sunday, it’s free.

Event details: https://artswhistler.com/event/exhibit-think-it-over

Love the idea of sitting with these six little offerings – and putting something on paper… what learning has come to you over the course of this strange year? What have you come to understand about intimacy? How has humility shown up? What helps amplify your resilience? What is justice calling of you? And despite the upheaval, the uncertainty, the discomfort of this year, what potential has it awakened?

Art by Ximena Vasquez via https://www.instagram.com/ximen.art/?hl=en

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