If you don’t support the borrowing of $800,000+ to relocate the Pemberton Transfer Station, you MUST vote by 4:30pm October 13

An alternative approval process is a weird kind of public process that is cheaper than holding an election or referendum but easy to miss, so we wanted to share this here, via SLRD.

The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) is seeking participating area approval of electors by way of Alternative Approval Process (AAP) to fund the relocation and construction of the Pemberton Transfer Station. DEADLINE for Elector responses is 4:30 p.m. on October 13, 2020. More information, including links to important forms and documents, the service area map, and details about the AAP, are available on our website: www.slrd.bc.ca/PTS_AAP

Who does this affect?

Everyone who contributes to the SLRD’s Pemberton Refuse Disposal Local Service Area – ie all residents of the Village of Pemberton, and most of Area C (apart from the section not marked in red.)

What is the issue?

The SLRD needs public approval to borrow $811,353 over 30 years to buy property and build a new Transfer Station. You’ll pay about $20 a year (for a $750,000 property) to cover this portion of the loan – so your overall contribution to the transfer station will increase by $20.

If 395 people submit a response disagreeing with this move, the SLRD won’t be able to proceed.

What’s wrong with the old Transfer Station?

The current site is being rented and the contract expires August 31, 2021, so now is the time to build a better and expanded facility.

The new facility would accepts all recyclables and household waste, have a storage area for household appliances and a containment area for used oil and hazardous household waste, and have a weigh scale. It will also be owned by the SLRD.

According to a public survey from June:

The relocated Pemberton Transfer Station is expected to have the following residential/household solid waste management disposal services:

· garbage (landfill);
· food scraps/organic waste;
· building/construction and demolition residual waste;
· recyclables: Recycle BC, beverage containers, tires, appliances, metal, clean wood;
· hazardous waste: oil, antifreeze, paint, batteries, light bulbs;
· invasive species;
· Free Store.

Conceptual design of the new Transfer Station – subject to change

The new facility is at 1929 Stonecutter Place, at the back of the Industrial Park. (This property is currently owned by the Village of Pemberton, and will be transferred to the SLRD in exchange for the lot the SLRD originally planned to use for a Transfer station, and $350,500.)

The Transfer Station has to be in the Industrial Park due to current zoning.

Developing the site will cost $2.2 million – $1.375 million has already been approved and borrowed.

DEADLINE for Elector responses is 4:30 p.m. on October 13, 2020. Find the form at www.slrd.bc.ca/PTS_AAP

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