Some shopping tips from the Pemberton Valley Grocery Store

From Chris (who is a Manager at the Pemberton Valley Supermarket):

“I would like to make a few suggestions that might help convince people to change the way they shop over the next while.

First of all, we have enough food. I am reassured that the food supply chain can sustain all normal shopping behaviours. Don’t take excessive amounts of any one thing. I have to say that Pemberton has been great with this so far. It’s only when people hoard things that supplies are depleted for any length of time.

Please ask yourself before you go shopping: do I really need this?

If the answer is no, please stay home.

If the answer is yes, please consider a few things:

1- Increase your shopping list to include what you need to last a week or so so you don’t have to come back in between trips. This is not hoarding, it is planning. Meal plan.

2- Ask others if you can get them anything. Drop off a few items at someone’s front door for those that just need milk or wanted something we didn’t have the day before etc.

3- 8am-10am is for elderly and high-risk customers who don’t have other options and have to come in and get what they need. We are confident that Pemberton is a community that will respect this policy.

4- Come alone and limit your time inside. Since we are limiting the amount of customers in the store at one time to better practice social distancing, this will make a big difference in wait times or the need to ask people to wait at all. DONT SHOP IF YOU ARE SICK. The employees who are at work have been healthy for 3 days prior to their shift.

5- Instead of doing what you can to avoid getting exposed, assume that you have been and do everything you can to avoid spreading it to others. Take what you touch!

6- Sanitize on your way in AND on your way out. Don’t touch your face while youre shopping.

We are doing everything we can to keep our staff and the rest of Pemberton safe! Thanks for considering this and communicating it to others!

PS- The positivity and encouragement from our customers has been very well received and goes a long way to keep morale high and everyone motivated. Thank you for thanking us. Lets do what we can NOW to help our local healthcare facilities. Pemberton is awesome. We can do this!!!”


The Wellness Almanac welcomes your meal planning tips and recipe suggestions. When in doubt, bake. Fire cider and bread seems to be trending. (Photos via Lisa Vertefeuille.)

Also, please note that Stay Wild Natural Health is also opened and fully stocked, although the juice bar has closed.

It’s a beautiful time to get into the kitchen and take things slow. As Katherine Wilson, the Italian mom now in lockdown and reflecting on the mistakes that were made, shared:

“Do shop responsibly. There is no reasons to hoard supplies. In Italy, even now, we are still allowed to go to the supermarket every day if we need to, and the shelves are full.

Instead of stocking up on toilet paper, buy food that you’ve always wanted to cook but never had time to. In lockdown, you’ll have the leisure to let things simmer, soak, and rise.”



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