Lend the Earth the power of your imagination

via my favourite podcast For the Wild (whose latest episode is a rebroadcast of a conversation with Eriel Tchekwie Deranger, to provide some background for those who are just learning about TC Energy’s (formerly TransCanada) $6.6 billion proposed pipeline through Wet’suwet’en territory and on what Unist’ot’en Camp represents,


A practice for dreaming things whole again:

“As the world around us continues to disintegrate, we must bravely turn our attention toward the imaginal realm, for it is here we will discover solutions which lead to our collective liberation. The imaginal realm is a fertile space of possibility. Our ancestors knew this world well, and through it, they dreamt us into being. Now it is our turn. We must, as a species, first imagine and then enact a radically different narrative than the one we are currently telling and retelling. Like those who came before us, we must dream the world into being. Our lives depend on it.⁣

We dream not only for ourselves but for the world. So, dare to dream extravagantly for the wild places and future generations. Dare to dream for the forests that are burning, and the families separated at the border. Imagine all the things you want to see in the world and write them down in the present tense. Do not limit yourself by what is or is not possible. Just allow yourself to imagine the most magnificent outcomes you can conjure. Keep going until you feel your vision come alive on the page. This is not frivolous—it is a powerful act of prayer.⁣

When we write our dreams down or speak them aloud in the present tense, neural pathways in our brain begin to form, which match these experiences and create a space of receptivity for them to come to fruition. So, when you feel complete with what you’ve written, read your dreams aloud to someone you love and trust. Allow yourself to settle into a felt sense of what it would be like to live in a world where all your dreams had come true.⁣

Share this practice with your friends, family, and community. Set aside the page and speak from the heart, building on one another’s words. It is an immensely tender experience that fosters deep connection and makes space for us to experience grief and joy collectively—and that is the medicine that our world needs.”

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2 thoughts on “Lend the Earth the power of your imagination

  1. dianezaste says:

    This is what I’m putting on the two blank Animal Medicine cards I pulled this morning – a vision of a compassionate society and a healed planet. We seem to be in sync.

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