What makes Pemberton a great/tough place to do business? Let the Village know by Jan 31 (new extended deadline)

via https://www.pemberton.ca/government/news/post/have-your-say-business-retention-expansion-questionnaire

The Village of Pemberton is in the process of creating an Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan.

The Strategy and Action Plan will identify ways of creating alternate revenue sources outside of taxation while creating an environment favourable to retaining current and attracting new and diverse investment, increasing local employment and building a robust and sustainable community.

To inform the Village Strategy, the Village is conducting a Business Retention and Expansion Study, and is also seeking input on internal and external strengths and weaknesses impacting economic development.

The Village hopes to:
(1) Develop a clearer picture of the number and types of businesses operating in our community;
(2) Gauge the workforce needs of our local businesses;
(3) Identify challenges that impact our local businesses; and
(4) Encourage an open dialogue between our businesses and local government.
There are as many different types of businesses as there are business owners. No survey can be inclusive enough to be relevant to all businesses. To that point, if there is a question that you feel does not apply to your business, feel free to skip the question; but please try to answer as many questions as possible. The more data provided by businesses, the better the Village can work to create a productive business environment. The survey will take up to 20 plus minutes depending on the level of input you provide. The more the better.


What will the Business Retention and Expansion Study do?

Your input via the Business Retention and Expansion Questionnaire will give valuable insight into the current business climate within the Village of Pemberton and will:

  • Identify opportunities for building capacity within the community and strengthen relationships between organizations
  • Identify the positive and challenging attributes of the community as a place to do business
  • Identify concerns and issues of individual businesses
  • Collect business and market data to support economic development planning

To that end there is an online questionnaire for businesses to be accessed here:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/pembertonstudy

Be sure to complete the questionnaire by January 31, 2019.

Questions?  Contact Jill Brooksbank, Sr. Communications & Grants Coordinator at 604.894.6135 x230 or jbrooksbank@pemberton.ca.

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