Wildlife watchers wanted: share your sightings of local wild creatures

The Pemberton Wildlife Association, with support from Stewardship Pemberton Society, is seeking sightings of and volunteer help to survey the following species and habitats. They are also looking for landowners interested in projects that benefit wildlife and habitat. Contact Greg Ferguson at wildlife@pembertonwildlifeassociation.com with sightings or if you’re interested in helping out on any of the below listed projects.

Sighting Information and Volunteer Help:

• Reporting Great Blue Heron sightings and nests (annually) and surveys (March to July).
• Reporting amphibians crossing roads (annually), breeding sites for Western Toad, and surveys (March and May)
• Reporting Western Screech Owl sightings (annually) and surveys (April and June)
• Reporting swallow nesting, particularly Barn Swallow, and surveys (May through July)
• Reporting bats (live or dead) and their roost sites, particularly any roosts in natural (trees, cliffs) or human structures (buildings, bridges,
boxes) (annually) and surveys (June and July)
• Reporting Northern Goshawk sightings (annually) and surveys (June)
• Nighthawk surveys (June)
• Reporting Grizzly Bear, Moose, and Wolverine sightings (annually)

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