Do the work you need to be whole

Sea to Sky yoga teacher, Julia McCabe, shared this recently, and it struck me as something worth reposting.

If you and I boarded a rocket ship, we’d orbit the cosmos and fog the windows looking back at Earth. Our eyes would well with tears watching the stardust sigh a celestial breeze in the wake of our ship; a message in the shape of what we have forgotten: “You own nothing. Not a single country, border or grain of sand exists in the names you have given them. You own no skin, no color or walls built by the necessity of mans barren ego. Not even your children. In the great belly blue and churn of oceans white.”


We’d clunk our helmets hugging wishing we’d hadn’t forgotten this first story of freedom, realizing we have orbited a life not fully lived. We would rush back to tell the others and maybe they’d look up from their phones, and remember something about so and so. Then go feed the cat, change the channel and think and think and think.


Do the work you need to do to be whole, clear and healed and when you are on your feet again, do something to help. If you have fallen in the lap of privilege this lifetime, you know who you are. It is our responsibility to help more than those beneath the heels of starvation, racism and despots.


The reason you may be suffering is because you’ve forgotten your life means everything to us. Exploit your talents to help end the exploitation of our planet.


Julia McCabe. Photo by Momme Halbe

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