Winterfest is your family-friendly way of ushering in the New Year. Free! With Fireworks! And Ira!

If you’re in the thick of family life, you might be prone to ringing in the New Year on maritime time… which makes Winterfest 2018 your friend…

A decade-old festival, that began in the lead-up to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Pemberton’s Winterfest has experienced many iterations, in its mission to celebrate the spirit of winter in Pemberton. The most recent evolution has seen it anchor New Year’s Eve celebrations for local families, around the Pemberton & District Community Centre.

On Monday, join the fun, from 2pm until 8pm:

  • Kids Zone – New Year’s Eve themed kids crafts, face painting, glitter tattoos and more;
  • Dance Party Kick-off – Pemberton’s favourite dance party guru, Ira Pettle kicks off this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration at 2:30pm.
  • Family Movie Screenings – The screening of ‘Frozen Sing-A-Long’ will begin at 3:30pm. in the Library. A movie for 8-12 year olds will also be offered.
  • Outdoor Winter Activities
  • Hot Dogs & S’mores – You roast hot dogs and S’mores on our outdoor fire pits. Food provided by the Pemberton Valley Supermarket. 
  • Pizza – Dinner is covered! Thanks Brooklyn’s Pizza! 
  • Hot Chocolate – Yummy hot chocolate with whipping cream and marshmallows…
  • Family Dance Party – When you have a 4 foot disco ball, it behooves you to dance the night away. DJ, disco ball, bring your best moves. 
  • Fire Pits – Toasty outdoor fire pits any time during the Winterfest New Year’s Eve Celebration
  • Fireworks – at the Signal Hill Elementary School Field, will begin at 8:00pm.




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