Notice the firsts, notice the lasts

Two weeks ago, Janet Ouchterlony’s baby, Ryan, turned fifteen. As I’m sending mine off to  kindergarten, she’s entering a different phase, and I appreciated the insightfulness and heart of this post so much, I asked if we could share it here. Thanks to Janet for her permission and Ryan for permission to share this photo.


fifteen. i am having a hard time wrapping my head around how we arrived here already. seems like just yesterday that we were deep into celebrating “firsts”. first words, first steps, and first pedal strokes. as time rolls by i continue to embrace the firsts, but these days the memories of “lasts” are tugging at my heart. like the last time i was able to carry you inside after you fell asleep in the car, the last time you needed help to tie your shoes, the last time i had to shield your head from the sharp edges of the countertops, the last time you gave me an up-hug, the last time you had to look up to look me in the eyes. these moments tend to slip by unnoticed. until they don’t. and then i wonder how it all happened so quickly. and my heart hurts a little. but at the same time it swells as i watch your grow into more of who you are. as you share your kindness, humour, joy, generosity, and your light with the world. you are a gift and i couldn’t be any more proud of who you have become. my wish for you is that you always stay true to you. love you and happy birthday. xo


Ryan Mcintosh

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