Snowline creeping down Ts’zil is our barometer of the changing seasons. Photo by Mhairi Marcella

Mhairi Marcella took this shot on October 2 as proof that fall might have gone AWOL and let winter play substitute.

If this image strikes you as much as it strikes me, you’ll be happy to hear that Mhairi has agreed to take up our invitation to guestagram for us for the week starting 7 October.

The snowline down Mt Currie time to swtich the wardrobe Oct 2 2018 Photo by Mhairi Marcella

Winter closing in. Time to switch the wardrobe. Photo by Mhairi Marcella

And in the spirit of documenting the changing seasons, Johnny Jones found the most artful way of noting the first frost of the year.

Oct 3 First Frost captured by Johnny Jones

Etching the date of first frost into the windshield. Photo by Johnny Jones.

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