We run because we can: photos from the Pemberton Terry Fox Run 2018


Cancer doesn’t care what colour you are, how old you are, or that there are people counting on you being around a bit longer. Over 100 people ran in the rain on Sunday to acknowledge that at the annual Terry Fox run, organized this year by Lindsay and Jess at Kufuka.

Or, as Natalie Langmann so beautifully shared:

“Every year I find myself getting better at explaining to my daughter why we all run the Terry Fox run. Run to remember a true Canadian hero. Run because true legends never die if they live on in our memories forever. Run to support all the people in this world who are affected by Cancer. Run to raise money and awareness for Cancer research. Run, run because you can!”


Nat volunteered her energy to shoot photos of the run’s participants, on the new event Pemberton Terry Fox Run Facebook page – you can check out the full gallery there. If you ran, take a peek and tag your friends so they can share the memory too.


Photos by Natalie Langmann.

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