It takes a whole year to make a basket

This. via Valerie St Arnaud, of Calling Mountains Productions, who was our guestagrammer for the week of July 9.

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2 years ago I took about 200 hours of footage filmed by Lil’wat Nation and turned it into a 2 hour movie on how to make baskets. The most interesting part for me was meeting the elders, Vera Edmonds was the team leader of this project. Baskets take up to a year to complete from digging roots to the actual weaving part. Seeing the elders work their buts off to get the perfect roots put me to shame lol after this I never complained I wasn’t strong enough to do something. Never setting limits to what I can accomplish. Starting my business Calling Mountains Productions shortly after this project gave me the confidence and drive I needed to succeed in my industry. Stop by the cultural centre to get your copy today! 🙌 • • #yougotthis #basketweaving #lilwatnation #pembylife #baskets #movie #videoproduction

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