Take the heat out of summer traffic and slow ‘er down. Even when school’s out, the 30km/hr limit still applies in downtown Pemberton and Mount Currie.

Richenda Grafton posted this to Sea To Sky Road Conditions on June 17 at 7:34am, 

and I was struck by her positive tone, despite the massive frustration driving the post.

I have been in a hurry for years, so I am sympathetic to that crazed adrenalized feeling of wanting to get where you’re going, get stuff done, get back, get on to the next thing on the list… For almost a decade, I literally was sweating because I would forget to budget in time to get from meeting A to meeting B. I’d just book ’em back to back and then be trying to evaporate time, in managing the in-betweens.

I’ve been working on the whole slow the eff down thing. And all that rush-rush-rush was on me. Entirely on me. It wasn’t anyone else’s responsibility.

So slow down, stay groovy, budget a little extra time, realize that, when you’re in your car, you are not immune, you are not locked away, you are highly visible, and highly impactful on the people around you. The lake, the chores, the function, will all still be there waiting after you’ve taken the extra MINUTE to slow down to the speed limit and respect the dynamic kid, senior and animal-filled community of walkers and bikers and humans that you are passing through.

A Friendly Reminder:

The speed limit in Mount Currie is 30 km/h.

I have had to yell at so many drivers to “Slow Down!” and it is beyond frustrating to say the least.

Our children ride their bikes along this road where there are no sidewalks … So they are at your mercy. We are a small town who never asked for a major highway to go right through here. In fact, in 1990 we tried to stop it as some of you may remember. So please be respectful when driving through Mount Currie and slow down. We value our lives even if you may not.


The rewards for slowing down are plentiful. Photo by Shayla Wallace

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