Maker Mondays stop motion movie: Surf’s UP

The Pemberton & District Public Library is proud to present the second of three movies made at Maker Mondays: Stop motion movies session, Surf’s Up by Arleigh, Maile and Lilly!

Maker Monday sessions are designed for children to encourage innovation, creativity, learning and discovery. In the spring and fall the Library offer monthly sessions covering a variety of subjects such as arts, STEM, technology, crafts and more.

May’s topic is: Photography. Each week in May, the sessions will focus on a different photography skill or theme and each session will have a fun challanges to encourage learning and fun!

Children are encouraged to bring their own device to take photographs with – a camera, smartphone or tablet.

Space is limited so registration is required!

Call 604-894-6916, drop into the library or message us on Facebook to register today!


Surfs up! from Pemberton Public Library on Vimeo.


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