Spring Peers and Sleepy Snakes: Stewardship Pemberton’s May 6 Field Trip invites you to unleash your inner herpetologist

On Sunday, May 6th,  Stewardship Pemberton hosts their second family-friendly community field trip, ‘Spring peepers and sleepy snakes‘.


Ever wonder where snakes go in the winter? How can Pacific Tree Frogs survive when temperatures dip to -20°C? Can a salamander really regrow limbs?

Meet some of our local herptiles and learn about their habitats and cool survival techniques.

Meet at Nairn Falls parking lot, 10am. This 3 hour field trip requires light hiking.

A huge thank you to Sitka Foundation for their financial support.  

If you would like to participate, please sign up by e-mailing stewardshippemberton@gmail.com