Stewardship Pemberton invites you to take a field trip, starting April 15

The first of Stewardship Pemberton’s 2018 Family-Friendly Field Trips kicks off Sunday, April 15: ‘Early Spring Animal Tracks’.

Come tracking deer, moose, cougar, bobcat and wolves in the early spring when snow is just leaving the valley. Learn about animal tracks and other signs to look for. Stewardship Pemberton Society has also strategically installed a series of Pemberton Wildlife Association (PWA) remote cameras in this rich tracking area. They will download the cameras to get a glimpse into animal movement.

This trip requires travelling by car and light hiking. Meet at the community barn at 10am. The tour will take place out towards the Hurley, between 5km-13km up the road. We will convoy to the site – In an effort to reduce the amount of vehicles heading up, please try to fill cars for carpooling.

If you would like to participate, please sign up by e-mailing us at

The field trips were inspired by the success of the visit last September to see the Meager Creek landslide site, which drew over 100 people, keen to get to know our backyard more intimately.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 1.07.31 PM

Valeinna Dimma, Veronica Woodruff and Dawn Johnson, spearheaded the first SPS field trip, and share a moment during the September adventure here.

Thanks to funding secured from the Sitka Foundation, Stewardship Pemberton will organize six field trips this year, all within a 50km radius of Pemberton, led by local experts, of 2-3 hours in duration, designed to bring us into a greater sense of awareness for this incredible habitat we share.



The September 2017 Volcanos, Floods, Landslides and Salmon field trip 

The tentative schedule for 2018 is:

A. Early spring animal tracks – Sunday, April 15th

B. Spring peepers and sleepy snakes – April/May – Ever wonder where snakes go in the winter? How can Pacific Tree Frogs survive when temperatures dip to -20°C? Can a salamander really regrow limbs? Come and meet some of our local herptiles and learn about their habitats and cool survival techniques. This trip will be based in Pemberton and is in walking distance from town.

C. Lil’wat Traditional Ecological Knowledge – a tour of traditional Lil’wat cultural sites, edible and medicinal plants of the Pemberton valley. Tour dates and details TBA.

D. Power Project Tour – I am sure you have heard a lot about independent power project (IPP’s). This is an opportunity to visit an operating project and understand the benefits and risks of this type of industry. This tour will require 4×4 transportation and light hiking.

E. Bioblitz – June – Whistler BioBlitz is a longstanding event hosted by the Whistler Naturalists. Biologists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond converge in Whistler and inventory biodiversity with recent assessments branching out to Squamish and Pemberton. For three years the project has been extended to Pemberton with impressive results. In only two partial days of BioBlitz last year, scientists documented 575 species, of which 6 are species-at-risk not previously known to occur in Pemberton. This is particularly valuable information as we, as a community, are growing at an incredible rate. We need to know what is here in order to apply best management practices, and raise awareness regarding conservation and protection in an unbiased manner. Join the scientists and learn from the ultimate experts as they inventory some of our unique habitats. This tour may require some driving and light hiking.

F. River Ecology – September – Pemberton as a region has been shaped by water. Come learn about our local waters, and meet some of the local inhabitants including some of the coolest invertebrates. This will be a hands-on lesson in river processes, species and assessment techniques. This tour may require a short drive and some easy walking along a trail.

G. Mt. Meager volcano and landslide tour – September – We will repeat this visit to Mt. Meager to go over the 2010 landslide, one of the largest ever recorded in Canada. We will learn about the volcanic history of the region. This trip requires travelling by car to the landslide site, approximately 50km from town.

H. Fire Ecology in the Coast Mountains – September – Join us to learn about the history of fire in the Coast Mountains and how that is changing. We will look at forest recovery following catastrophic fires and compare sites in various stages of recovery. This tour requires travelling by car and some hiking.

I. Mushroom madness – October – 2018 could be an amazing mushroom season given the last two years of limited fruiting. All that stored energy may equal a mushroom extravaganza! Learn about the top ten best local edibles, proper mushroom picking etiquette and why mushrooms should rule the world. Depending on the season, this tour may require some short driving and easy hiking.

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