Sighted: Pinegrosbeaks snacking on maple seeds down by Naylor Trail

Last week, Hugh Naylor called in a sighting of pinegrosbeaks to fellow bird-watcher, John Tschopp, prompting John to head out for a photo session.

Here is the result of that fruitful collaboration.

PineGB 072 pinegrosbeak by john tschoppPineGB 095 pinegrosbeak by john tschoppPineGB 050_pinegrosbeak by john tschoppPineGB 027

They can be seen from the Naylor Trail, which runs from Urdal Rd below the railroad track to Lillooet river.  1 – 3pm in the afternoon is a good time. The Grosbeaks have been there a few days and should be there a few more days, as long as the maple seeds last.
If anyone is thinking of taking up bird photography, this is the perfect bird to start with. They are not shy at all and let you approach quite close. This was my first picture object 14 years ago.
The red birds are the males, the grey one is a female.

~ John Tschopp

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