Gary Martin pays respect to Ts’zil, our mountain

There are two things I hope you get out of this photo, from Gary Martin, reposted from his instagram account.

The first, as is always our intention when we share the work of local photographers: an injection of appreciation, into your day, of this place we live.

Second, the reminder, to never put anybody in a box. No one is just a clerk, a mom, a designer. Gary was my colleague at Origin for several years. He was the pictures guy. I was the word girl. We had roles to play. We had strengths. I relished our collaborations. But just because I’m a word girl and he’s a design nerd, doesn’t mean the man can’t throw down some poetry.

Am I right?

Here is the caption that stopped me in my tracks. Thanks Gary for always stopping to appreciate. And to share.

Gary Martin captures Ts'zil November 6 2017

Ts’zil, 2,591 metres of mountain that talks to everyone who lives in its shadow.

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