Slow the fork down. And your car, too. Dana Andrew’s photo of the day is a reminder to take it easy out there.

I’m not sure what is cuter – the May family showcasing their farm-love, or the Slow the Fork Down sign that hooked up to their bikes.

May family do Slow Food Cycle August 2017

Meanwhile, over at our instagram takeover, massage therapist, gymnastics instructor, co-founder of Growing Great Children, and local mom, Cathy Benns, kicked off her week with a reminder to Slow Down.

And our wonderful photo contributor, Dana Andrew, shared her own reminder, which serves as today’s feature photo.

Feel free to take it as a bit of life advice, a la Ferris Bueller. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop once in a while to enjoy it, you could miss it.


But take it also as a literal reminder. Slow down through town! The speed limit is 30 km/hour. Yes, the lake is waiting. Yes, you’ve got a ton of errands. Yes, everything at the end of the drive is more enticing than logging another few minutes in your vehicle.

But, especially with back to school around the corner, lighten the foot on the pedal, and drop ‘er into cruise mode, through downtown Pemberton and Mt Currie. If we want family friendly kid-healthy walkable Main Streets, then drivers need to simmer down.


“Nobody actually follows our speed signs or stop signs in the area so I recreated this shot  for a friendly reminder, during the solar eclipse.” Photo by Dana Andrew

Downtown Pemberton and downtown Mt Currie are SLOW ZONES, because they’re family zones, kid zones, bike and walk and stroll zones. Save your hustle for the highway, drivers. And make eye contact. It’s a nice way to remember that, wherever we’re headed, we’re here right now. Neighbours. With our lives in each other’s hands.

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